Are your estimates free?
Yes our estimates are free and we are happy to complete an in-home estimate
or job plan for customers who are committed to moving forward with the
project. Very often, however, an initial estimate may be provided by phone or
email if you are able to email the room measurements, number of balusters,and  
other project details. Let’s talk!
Phone: (804) 591-9869

Note: Our estimates include the cost of the material so you will be provided
with your final cost, which not will change.

What areas do you service?

Please click here to view our service area.

What kind of payments do you accept?

We accept cash, personal checks and all major credit cards. Please note there
is a 3% service fee for payments made by credit card.

If you choose to pay by credit card you will receive an invoice and an email
from The Finishing Company with instructions on how to make your payment.
We can also invoice you through Quickbooks, which functions as an online
check, fully secure with no fee.

How much does crown molding installation cost?

The cost of crown molding installation depends on a number of factors:

  • The style of crown molding you would like, a simple crown molding or a
    more elaborate crown molding.
  • How much crown molding you would like, a one-piece or two pieces or
    even bigger built up crown molding.
  • Is the crown molding to be painted or stained? Stain grade crown molding
    is more expensive than paint grade crown molding.
  • The linear footage of the walls and how many inside and outside corners in
    each room, (crown molding corners take the most work).
  • Ceiling height.

If you would like the molding painted, in addition to your installation, please let
us know and we will include that in our quote. Please note that all painting
preparation work, including caulking and filling, is to be completed by the
painter and is not included in our installation quote.

What is the average cost of crown molding?

The average cost of one-piece crown molding in an average sized room with
only four corners and eight-foot ceilings would be approximately $250 to $275,
labor and materials included.

If the estimate is for labor and materials (the materials are included),
how much are the materials?

The estimate is for labor and materials and the cost for materials varies.
Materials are purchased at either one of the big box stores or at a local lumber
yard where most of the molding and millwork is a little less expensive. We do
not break estimates down by the cost of materials vs. labor because that does
not present an accurate picture of the true cost of the job, which includes
business expenses, travel time, and other factors. Our pricing is fair and

I already have the materials. Will you install them for me?

Yes, we can give you an estimate for labor only. However, you will save in the
long run by letting me purchase the materials because I don’t mark up my
material cost. The majority of the cost is labor. Trim is not that expensive and
you don’t need a whole lot of trim molding to finish out an entire room with
some basic crown molding or chair rail. Finish carpentry is labor intensive and
requires knowledge and experience for it to be done right.

What is the smallest job you will take on?

Two average rooms of crown molding is the smallest job we will typically be
able to take on. It is best to get a couple of rooms done at a time if you can,
because materials still have to be ordered and delivered and these costs stay
the same regardless.

Do you paint the moldings and millwork you install?

We will paint the moldings and millwork if you request that service in your
estimate. Many homeowners, however, prefer to take on this task themselves.
Generally the moldings we install, such as crown molding, chair rail, baseboard
and base cap used to construct shadow box wainscoting, come pre-primed
making it easier for painting. If they are not primed who ever is painting will
prime the moldings before painting.

If you have hired us to just install the molding and not install and paint, then
you or the painter you have hired will be responsible for painting. The painters
are responsible for all preparation prior to painting. All scraping, sanding,
wallpaper removal, caulking, drywall or wood repair, patching, stain removal,
filling nail holes or any defects with plaster or putty, cleaning (except our mess
of course), taping, preparation and priming are considered to be done by the
professional contracted painter.

We will caulk and fill the moldings for an additional charge, please ask.

How long does it take for a typical installation?

Smaller installations like two rooms of crown molding or chair rail or simple
shadow box wainscoting only take one to two days. Most coffered ceiling
installations take about a week. Iron baluster installations take two to three
days depending on the size of the staircase. We can give you a better idea of
how long it will take to install your moulding and millwork after we learn the
details of the project, and will include that information in the estimate.

Where do you cut the molding and millwork?

We will cut the molding and millwork outside at your home. If the weather is
bad we would ask to use your garage. There is not a lot of dust associated with
the job and we will  vacuum and sweep up any dust or scrap pieces and leave
the work area clean. We will respect your home.


Frequently asked questions – Richmond – Virginia.

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