Shadow boxing 

Below see before picture. No shadow boxing underneath.  This hallway needs some definition. And molding will provide it !

Please someone install molding for me.
These walls are crying out for panel molding.

After one trip to a lumber yard in Richmond Va. And then another trip my favorite Millwork shop in powhatan, the home improvement work began.

It took about 45 mins to an hour to set up my work space outside. I laid drop clothes and removed any rugs. I really do want to make sure I keep your house as clean as it was when I started.

After a thousand miter cuts and eight hours later..

Who's gonna miter your shadow boxes?
Mitering shadow boxes

I staggered the wainscoting to give it a more custom look. Check out the image of custom wainscot below.

Woodworking near Parham Rd Richmond Va
Essex Ave near Parham rd